Harvest Color Paths

I am obviously obsessed with color.  I don’t know how it started (Crayola’s bajillion pack of crayons, maybe?), but from the time I was young I remember mentally naming colors I saw in print, in nature, on clothing…somebody please diagnose me with something!  (I won’t even get into the fact that I learned to type by mentally typing sentences that my friends and family would say aloud…)

But I digress.  My shop has a lovely color palette to choose from when clients are customizing their invitations and announcements.  However, it is certainly not exhaustive, and I am excited to now offer additional colorways that I will create seasonally, inspired by beautiful photos found on my travels around the Internet Superhighway (try not to envy my globetrotting ways).

My first three palettes are taken from some clean, beautiful Autumn hues.  Feel free to use these palettes to customize anything you find in the BeanPress shop, or in your own digital projects!


Apple Dip
inspired by the lovely photo found here:

Peanut Butter Honey Yogurt Dip Recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com Only 3 ingredients needed to make this healthy dip!

Peanut Butter Honey Yogurt Dip


Fallen Leaves

inspired by this gorgeous photo:



And Harvest Hearth, whose muse is this photo:

White pumpkin.  Love tart tins for tea lights.



Warm and Spicy

Ok, so at the risk of being hypocritical (remember my post last week about jumping ahead to the next holiday??), today I had the urge to dream a little about Thanksgiving.  It’s such a warm, cozy, yummy holiday…I have great memories of time with family, football in the background (or in the foreground, for my husband), and some crisp air (yes, that’s about the first of it we get in Central Florida).  So I ran with a theme–this is my ideal Thanksgiving palette:

Creamy Autumn

Happy Harvest

Perhaps it’s the culture we live in, but some days I feel like I can hardly enjoy the moment I’m in for looking ahead to the next…though Halloween is still over a week away, I have been diligently creating Christmas cards, trying to capture my two boys for a Christmas photo, and dreaming of hanging stockings in the living room.

This can’t be entirely healthy…after all, if I live this way, once Christmas rolls around I’ll already be on to Easter…so today I decided to take some time to create some simple, warm, Autumn greeting cards.  Thanksgiving photo cards are a beautiful and personal way to beat the Christmas rush and have your card stand out against the slew of “holiday cards” that will be flying toward your loved ones after December 1.  They are also classically American, and a good reminder to be thankful this Harvest Season:



Another idea for warming up and personalizing the Autumn days–consider sending a printed invitation for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Though a text or email is simple, a beautifully designed and printed invitation really sends the message to your guests that they are valued and appreciated:



Above all, enjoy the cooler days, crisp air, time with family and friends, and of course–delicious food!  Here’s to gaining ten before the New Year! 😉

Oh, and speaking of gaining ten…I just have to include here a recipe that I used for my son’s first birthday.  Pumpkin Dream Cake, and it’s just that…dreamy.  The wonderful gal at Lemon Sugar even gives detailed instructions on how to assemble…Enjoy!

Pumpkin Dream Cake | www.lemon-sugar.com


The Dreaded Photo

This past weekend, my family and I celebrated my baby’s first birthday–yikes, I can’t believe he is already one!  The first year flew by with my first son, but it seems time is passing even more quickly with #2–probably because I am so distracted and harried all of the time 🙂  We headed out to our beautiful shopping and dining district nearby, and attempted to snap a few photos…sigh, I guess I will be using a few of my “two-photo” options, since it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a shot of the two kids together…that is, a shot in which they were a) both in the frame b) not walking away c) not looking as though undergoing an exorcism, and d) not knocking over the adorable bicycle which was precariously set outside the shop window…

If you can relate, here are some great options for your family photo card.