The Christmas Rebellion

I am sitting here in my cozy cocoon of an “office” (my kids’ playroom with a desk and bulletin board for me in the corner), inhaling the scent of a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle from Bath & Body Works and editing Christmas cards…and I can’t decide if I’m already in a Christmas frame of mind or if I’m still savoring the sweet, lovely days of Fall and the coming of a snug Thanksgiving weekend.

I refuse to write another rant about the skipping over of Thanksgiving in the commercial frenzy to get to Christmas…there are enough articles and blog posts written to that effect, and I get it.  We live in a culture that moves on to the next thing before the present one has even begun.  However, I just started some Christmas shopping today and I don’t want to be a hypocrite.  On that matter, anyway.

I just wanted to mention that although the stores are already decked out beautifully for Christmas, I do see a lot of “rebellion” this year against rushing ahead to December.  And I kind of like that.  Most of our neighborhood has deliberate harvest or Thanksgiving-themed decor on their doorstep.  My son’s preschool created Thanksgiving artwork for their school fundraiser, rather than Christmas-themed art (see pic below).  I ordered a garden flag with his design because a) I’m a sucker, and b) I like taking some time to decorate for Thanksgiving, too!


And I’ve noticed a trend on Etsy for shops to offer harvest or Thanksgiving decor and products, with beautiful tones of creams, whites, and pumpkins…I feel so warm and full just thinking about it!  I had my sister create this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wreath in those very colors because I was so inspired by the artisans in the Etsy marketplace.  Isn’t she talented?



Although I have had Christmas card designs posted in my shop for quite some time (some people get an early start on things, after all), I have also posted some lovely Thanksgiving greeting cards and dinner invitations, in an effort to remind myself and our culture that it’s worth taking time to savor the moment.  I think America is catching on–we’re excited about Christmas, but we like the Fall, too.

So, I guess this post is inaccurately named.  It’s not really a “Christmas Rebellion” I’m noticing or taking part in–after all, I think most of us love this time of year, and it’s especially significant to those who celebrate the Incarnation.  I guess it’s more of a “Rush Through Everything Without Taking Time to Really Enjoy the Present Rebellion.”  And I’m happy about that.


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