Be Mine

Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school?  We all made our homemade Valentine’s Day mailboxes, then each student would put a small valentine (hopefully with candy attached, or else “no thank you” to the card itself) inside–while other girls  hoped for a special valentine from the cute boy, I hoped for special candy from anyone–chocolate?  Yes, please.  And so began a lifelong love affair with the true keeper of my heart : Hershey’s.

I am so very excited for my son’s first Valentine’s Day at school.  Because he is so much like me, I know he will treasure each card from his classmates, and that most importantly, he will savor the delectable treats attached! I’m also thrilled to send in some lovely, but simple, valentine cards for his friends at school–these are an affordable way to treat your child’s classmates to a personal card this V-day. Simply purchase, allow me to customize, then print and send in with your kid!

ImageImage  Image



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