Hello, and thanks for stopping by…if I’m honest, I don’t much like writing “about” pages–it’s difficult to write something unique enough to stand out, but not so “unique” that it ends up sounding like every other “about’ page out there…..maybe I’ve just summed myself up without even trying.  Ok, check off that box for now.

I am a thirty-two (for now) year-old stay-at-home wife and mother to two boys.  I love being at home with them, and found after the birth of my second son that I also needed a creative outlet.  A little extra spending money wouldn’t hurt, either…Nordstrom emailed me a photo of some great “Must have” boots the other day, but I digress…

I have always loved to create, though I often felt I was a “frustrated artist”–I salivated over color and obsessed over design, but was unable to draw or paint with any discernible skill…and then I discovered designing layouts and designs for digital stationery.  For a few years I found my outlet in decorating our first home.  However, after moving into a rental last year when we re-located, that passion was wiped out from under me a bit, and I needed something else.  I have forever loved events, celebrations, and stationery, so opening a small digital design shop on Etsy seemed perfect.  Bonus being that I can do it with a bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of me.

My style is modern, unique, and clean–just like I like my home 🙂 When a design is uncluttered, the eye is not distracted from what matters most–a newborn’s photo, the birthday girl’s name, the joyous occasion of a wedding. The details should only serve to enhance the reason for celebration.

I enjoy pretty things, and I believe that love of beauty is not a quality of the superficial–it is a reflection of our Creator and the beauty of His works and creation. I am so grateful to be able to create simple, unique pieces for the most joyous times in people’s lives. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your event!



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